Major Project File Errors

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Major Project File Errors

Postby pmannino » Mon Oct 24, 2011 8:54 pm

I spent about 3 weeks creating Project Files for DTM Generator adn successfully generated 100 million rows of data. I thought I was through with them for a while until we had a need to rebuild our entire database. (Oracle 11gR2) It's a test database, so I didn't lament losing everything.

The database was rebuilt on a new server under a different username. When I tried to rerun my original projects, I ran the "Check for Schema Changes" tool and discovered that all the rules were screwed up. If I generated data in the "Preview" tab, I saw two sets of outputs. One was using very generic rules "Random Numbers" for example. The second set of output was using the correct set of rules, even though the "Column" tab displayed generic rules.

If I ran the "Data Rule", "Run Checked" fro example, the generated code fails because columns are defined more than once in the SQL statement. I had to manually recreate every single rule by hand!!! A very tedious process that's taken me another week.

The only difference between the original schema and the newly installed schema is that the order of the columns is completely different. The names are identical, but their order is not.

What is happening here?

Re: Major Project File Errors

Postby Support Team » Tue Oct 25, 2011 1:22 pm

Column order is important part of the project storage model.
Unfortunately the program could not recognize column mixing and decided that table structure was totally changed.
In this case built-in wizard reorganizes rules automatically.

Only way I see now is to reorganize the project file manually. It is Windows INI file. It can be modified by any text editor.
I hope we'll be able to improve our schema verification tool for cases like that in the future releases.
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